Welcome Creditor

Assalamualaikum... salam pembuka bicara
aku sebuah blog. aku sebuah blog. aku sebuah blog.

no, it's not for spending. yes, it's only for view.

tuan ku just received his credit card. apply for 3 reason (hopefully will stick to the three)
  • emergency cases
  • easy loan approval (as people said)
  • to test my company legality :P
  • get more points with renewal of the shopping complex card (actually this is the real reason)
it's visa, it's one of shopping complex's credit card. guess it is one of the easiest to get approval. moreover, tuan ku approved his application by himself on behalf of his company :P

requirement as usual (to whom whose ambitious to have a credit card)
  • minimum 18k annum
  • 3 months payslip
  • EPF copy
  • bank transaction copy
for those who salary over 2.5k/month may require EA form.

Tuan ku kata...
nope, xaktivate lagi... bkn nk gune pun... lgpun maybank visa debit pun dh leh gne kt internet. owh, forget to make SILVER anniversary post... later on la

pengajaran dan iktibar yg boleh diambil:
yer, mmg seronok memiliki kredit kad. yer jugak, mmg takut nk gune kredit kad. sekali terjebak, 'selamat'!

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