A Message

Assalamualaikum... salam pembuka bicara
aku sebuah blog. aku sebuah blog. aku sebuah blog.

this few weeks tuan ku will be busy... as mentioned

including weekends... smpai la ke hujung bulan ni...

weekdays, tuan ku kena outstation buat training,
while weekend abg n cousin tuan ku kahwin...

so much story to share, yet so little time can be spend..
so at this relax moment, tuan ku will try to create few posts to cover the missing days..

Tuanku kata...
sori ar yerk, bkn pe... bz n penat skit. plus internet connection pun payah dpt bila xduk umah

pengajaran dan iktibar yg boleh diambil:
home sweet home... make sure ur home is a place with peace...

3 Response to "A Message"

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