Me, Myself and I

Assalamualaikum... salam pembuka bicara
aku tuan blog. aku tuan blog. aku tuan blog.

sukarnya untuk aku 'describe about myself'... sejak dr dulu lagi aku xpandai terangkan pasal diri aku. samada dlm interview atau semasa mengisi form kt internet... setelah 26 tahun 6 bulan, akhirnya aku dapat describe diri aku dlm satu summary...

I can't do same things all the time.

I love technology, innovation, new ideas, solution, art, design and all beautiful things.

I am a risk taker, bound to perfection, logical thinker, positive person, fast and full-time learner, experimental based, visionary driving.

I prefer to share tomorrow story rather than yesterday, prefer to be different. What you do is much important than what you get. I don't believe in coincidence, I believe in cause and effect. And I did it all in my way.

And I'm proud to found myself :)

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Now, take your time to see yourself too... Once you'd found, it means you had the confident you need in your life :)